New Brand Partnership

I’ve got the BEST news and I’ve been waiting to share this with you! Are you ready for it!? I am sure most of you already know and love the iconic fashion brand, Express. Well….they reached out and invited me to join their brand as a Style Editor and of

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Safer Skincare for Kids

Having an EFFECTIVE skincare routine in place for your pre-teens and teens is as important as your skincare regimen in your adult years. As my kids get older I see how their skin is changing due to hormones and being more active. Just as my mom did, I want to make sure

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Buttermilk Birthday Cake

You’re in for a SWEET treat! In honor of my 41st birthday today, my friend Ashley is sharing her favorite, scratch made Buttermilk Birthday Cake!  The recipe is amazing as is but it is also incredibly versatile. You can create so many variations of it, depending on what you add

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