Aloha Friends,
Welcome to my little corner of the web, CALYgirl STYLD! You’re probably wondering how I came up with that name for my company…funny story… it all started with a license plate I had when I lived in Connecticut. CALYGRL. I longed to be back on the west coast of California after being east coast for 18+ years but work and family obligations had us on the east coast. Now I live in Florida by way of California for a year (it’s a long story…but a good one)! No matter where I live I will always be a CALYgirl at heart. My soul is connected to the ocean and as long as I am close to the water all is good in the world. 
CALYgirl STYLD was launched in January 2020 as a way for me to share my love for accessible fashion, clean beauty, and all the in between of life and style.  I have four children ages 6-12 and live in South Florida with our dog Kona. I love traveling, skiing, spending time at the beach, cooking and entertaining friends and family. 
My passion is to inspire and motivate women to live a life well curated from the inside out because when you take the time to put your best dressed foot forward you are more successful, happier and productive in your daily life. 
This is why I opened the Curated Closet, an online fashion and style boutique curated specifically for YOU. Filled with on-trend, accessible, clothing for the everyday lifestyle. Check it out HERE and use code NEW10 for 10% off your first order.
Thank you for being here, we have a lot of fun and live our lives to the fullest! 
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