40 Years Young

Hi Friends!

They say life begins at 40, that it’s the best decade yet. I guess we’ll see. The past 40 years have been pretty AWESOME and quite the ADVENTURE! No regrets, but plenty of reflecting, realizing and remembering. 

Four awesome (and probably too much fun) years in college, then my move to NYC with $5,000 in my pocket (which isn’t much at all, especially in the city) with no friends, no family and no job. Then I met and married an incredible man, husband and father and had four beautiful and healthy kids. To have picked it all up and moved to Greenwich so the kids could have a “house with a yard and suburb life.” 

Life got quiet so in June we sold the house and drove cross- country to fulfill my need to be back on the West Coast. I’ve lived, loved and had a lot of good fun along the way. Now that I think about it…that’s a lot of “up and moving” in 18 years. I guess I get restless….we’ll save that for another blog. ????

People always say “man if I knew now what I knew then I would do things so differently.” I don’t feel that way because then I wouldn’t be on the path I am now and I wouldn’t have my children and Jim. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not looking for the next decade to be “that much better.” Maybe just as much fun and enjoyable as the past 40 have been. I want to live and experience life with my family. Minus the COVID crap. 

We all know it’s a crazy time, I encourage you to create your own silver lining. Find the good and look inward to create your happiness. Search, explore and reach out to what makes you happy today and what will fulfill you beyond just now. It’s a great year to invest in yourself and find your adventure. It’s ok not to have all the answers or know what’s next and take a leap of faith.  

I guess what I am trying to say is no regrets. Live your best life EVERYDAY! Like it’s your 40th birthday and you’re celebrating all life has to offer.


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