41 Years Young

They say life begins at 40…sounds so cliche but stay with me…. 

When I was in my 30’s I always wondered how could life begin at 40? Isn’t it all downhill after that…. 

just more wrinkles, sagging body parts and more doctors appointments..? 

But looking back over the last two years and how much our world has changed and the adventures I‘ve had since I was 39… I whole hardheartedly agree…life is just getting started! 

I mean just see for yourself…

Forty-one doesn’t sound scary to me because life is what you make it to be. You can choose to be “over the hill” sad and boring….or you can choose to be AT your peak! I plan to take the knowledge I learned in my 20’s and 30’s 🤦🏻‍♀️ and use it to be the best version of my young self.

Now don’t get me wrong…it’s no cake walk. We definitely have to try harder and make more of an effort as we get older to stay young and in shape….but isn’t it worth it? Doesn’t it make you feel stronger, more confident and a little sassy…..

Here are my secrets to staying 41 years young:

1. Clean Beauty Products- find what your skin loves and helps you look young and radiant. As my mom always said, “you only get one face so take care of it because it’s the first thing to show your true age.” So glad I listened to her.

These are my fav skincare products from Beautycounter that I use on a daily to help me stay young, combat fine lines, sun spots and black heads. I also get regular facials and do at home masks. This avoids me having to get peels or other treatments that can be damaging to the skin. 

2. Botox – Sorry (but not sorry) – I get Botox. Get ahead of it and you won’t need filler later in life. Just being honest. Just a little 💉 in the forehead, frown and crows feet. Don’t be scared, just find someone who is highly recommended and you’ll be happy you did it. 

3. Water + Work Outs – You know the deal here, you hear it all the time. Trust it…it works. My passion is tennis and Orange Theory. I am not my “ideal, killing it” size but accepting of what it currently is and working out helps me balance my moods and gives me the energy I need to work my business and run a very busy household. 

4. Enjoy Life! You only get one life to live, enjoy it everyday, doing what makes you happy and fulfilled. Yes we have responsibilities and work and kids to take care of and drop offs to do BUT that’s exactly why you need to carve out time for YOU! 

I encourage you to do ONE thing everyday that’s for YOU and a little selfish. Go ahead and spoil yourself. After everything we do for others, you deserve it most. 

XX, your CALYgirl
Living in a Sunshine State of Mind
41 Years Young (on Sunday)

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  1. Gwen Aquino

    Beautiful post and Happy early Birthday!! Love watching you do life and appreciate and love all of your life and style tips and tricks!! Sending love and wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend!!

  2. Lynn Rule

    Love it – great moves! You know how I feel-I am more active now at 57 then ever before! I think it’s because we are more comfortable in our own skin. Sometimes even the filter gets shut off and that makes it liberating! Happy birthday – many many more!!! xo

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