5 Must-Have Accessories to Elevate your Spring Style…Without Breaking the Bank

The warmer weather is here (hopefully to stay) and it’s time to switch your closet over to your Spring wardrobe (if you haven’t already done so). BUT wait…you open your closet and “have nothing to wear?”

“Ugh…I hate this dress and this top…it’s outdated and I’ve had it for so long.”
“I don’t like to shop and don’t want to go to the mall or online because it never fits right. Ugh…now what?”

Raise your hand if this is you?

Okay…what if I told you I could easily update your Spring style with FIVE affordable, stylish, on trend and easy to style accessories. Would you believe me? What if I also told you it won’t break the bank and you’ll get SO many compliments?! I promise, this is no lie.

Get over the mindset that…
“you never wear accessories”
“Have no wear to go”
“Don’t know how to style”
“Why bother?”

Because these are limiting beliefs that are depressing to hear. Fact is accessories are the #1 compliment you will give and receive. 

Here are FIVE must-have accessories that I promise will lift your spirit, mood and put a HUGE smile on your face. Oh and did I mention will turn the heads of men and women giving you more compliments then ever before?

Five Must-Have Accessories to Elevate your Spring Style:

1. GREAT PAIR OF HOOPS – these are ALWAYS going to be on trend and just like people come in all different shapes and sizes. Park Lane Jewelry also has hypo-allergenic, nickel and lead free jewelry so promise these won’t cause a reaction and aren’t heavy on the ear. 

2. A DELICATE NECKLACE – I wear the same dainty necklace ALL THE TIME. In fact I never take it off, it works with everything, adds a tiny bit of sparkle to my neckline (which by the way men find VERY sexy.) Something you can leave as a stand alone delicate or add to with other layered pieces. 

3. A FABULOUS COCKTAIL/STATEMENT RING – I want you to embrace this one. A stand alone cocktail ring makes a statement. It shows you are a strong, confident women who knows what she wants. I am serious, trust me on this one. You can take it off the minute you get home but pick one, put it on and you will feel the power. 

4. A VERSATILE NECKLACE – what’s that mean? A 3-in-1 necklace like the Elexa or Love Lock are the best bang for your buck. These are on trend and can be worn all together or separately giving you different styles based on your clothing, neckline and detail. I can honestly wear the Elexa with every outfit showing a different style each time. 

5. UP YOUR STUD GAME– I challenge you no matter what to at least wear a pair of studs EVERYDAY even if you never leave the house. A little sparkle in the ear brings the white out in your eyes, makes you smile and highlights your complexion. A little sparkle can go a long way. Tip – grab something with a little color in it…It’s Spring! 

So what do you say? Ready to update your Spring style with just a few accessories that I promise will be a game changer and make you love your “new wardrobe?!” I’ve got you covered! Our everyday customer deals at Park Lane Jewelry will help you grab these styles at an unbelievable price.

I love accessories and what I do, so please put me to work as your stylist and let’s max you savings for spring. 

Message me HERE and let’s get you feeling good in your clothes again. If you’re interested in checking out even more Park Lane Jewelry, click HERE.

Xx CALYgirl

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