5 Spring Trends To Hop on Board With!

Happy Hump Day! You all loved the fashion blog last week, thank you for your great feedback! With Spring Break right around the corner and all of us in DESPERATE need for a sun and a fun getaway I thought…let’s talk spring trends that are definitely worth embracing!

Here are my Top 5 Spring Trends I am loving, want more of and am totally embracing! 

1. Modern Pearls

A great twist on a classic trend. Pearls have always been on trend, they are a classic and will never go out of style. However I love that we are seeing a more modern twist on them – oversized, layered, stacked, mixed with metals and natural stones. This is a trend I am REALLY embracing and loving. 

Did you know? Pearls actually brighten your face by bringing out the white in your eyes and your teeth. I’ll take that! Here are a few styles I am loving! 

2. Wide Brim Hats

Oh yes! I am here for this one. Anything I can accessorize with that can help me go ONE more day without washing my hair. Bring on the headbands and wide brim hats. It’s an easy way to give your outfit a polished and finished look and add a little bit of attitude to any look. I gotta be honest when I put a wide brim hat on…I feel a little bit taller and stand a little more proud. Embrace this trend and I am telling you, friends will follow and ❤️

Need a good one? Check out my girl @happynestboutique. She has beautiful options that can be adjusted on the inside to fit your head perfectly. I also have some coming to the Curated Closet soon.

3. Wild about the Floral and Color

Flowers signify “new beginnings” and with Spring comes fresh, invigorating, happy vibes. Bye bye black and hello colorful patterns and floral. From a top to a skirt to a maxi adding a little color and floral print to any look can look good and make you feel good. Especially coming off a cold, dreary winter. Pop of color is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Light Pastels, bold colors, bold stripes/patterns and floral are very much on trend.

4. Sheer Heaven

Strip away the lounge wear, baggy sweats and hoodies you’ve been wearing and loosen up with a sheer, lightweight blouse/top that makes you feel lighter and appear thinner. The peach beauty that will be arriving to the Curated Closet this spring.

Good News – don’t worry too much about your Covid arms (guilty right here), the sheer fabric gives the illusion of being fit and fabulous.

5. Max out on all the Maxi Dresses

Over-flowing, larger than life and dragging on the floor is all the trend this spring and summer season. Thank you Vogue and ELLE for this….hide that excess wine weight I’ve been struggling with. How simple is a maxi or midi dress?! Slip it on with a pair or wedges, flats, sandals or even flip flops in the summer for an effortless, chic, on trend look! But don’t forget the accessories. The right accessories can make or break any look. Need some tips, I’ve got ya! 

So what do you think? Ready to embrace these spring trends and jump right in?! 

You’re in luck because a lot of these styles and more can be found in the Curated by CALYgirl boutique. And just wait until you see what we’ve got coming for spring and summer….oh it’s going to be SO good! 

Cheers to Living a Life Well Curated! 
XX -CALYgirl

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