5 Things I Never Leave Home Without

Hi Friends!

Sorry I have been MIA! No other excuse other than life with four kids under 10, navigating distance learning, a growing business and all the things. I’ve missed writing and sharing life with you all.

I feel like while the kid’s schedules aren’t as hectic because school is not in person and after school activities are non-existent, life is still REALLY busy. How is that?! The days seem shorter and the weeks somehow longer. Jasper turns 5 on October 12th and that’s suddenly next Monday. Huh…how did that happen?!

Lately I find myself running out the door to run errands or pick up/drop something or someone off and turning around 3x because I left something behind. Does that happen to you? Usually I just leave what I NEED in my purse by the front door but Jim told me that’s a “high traffic” area and to move it so now I run out of the house without my purse. Talk about a scatter brain. That’s me these days. Like all us working mamas we are juggling all the things, all the time! Thank god we are cut out for it because if our husbands had to do it…?? Sorry Jim love you but I honestly have to give you a play by play and then you still have questions.

So here are my top 5 things I NEVER (almost NEVER) leave home without:

1) Hate to say it but of course my mask and the kid’s masks. Did I tell you the time I went to the post office back in CT and I forgot my mask and the woman told me “Ma’am that’s like leaving your baby in a hot car, you just don’t do it.” ?? I’m sorry WHAT…those two things are NOT the same! Any way don’t forget to grab the damn mask.

Kitsch makes some of my favs!

2) My water bottle – I try hard to stay hydrated…otherwise I get all sorts of aches and pains in this old body I am going to be 40 in November…more on that later.

3) My new lippies from Beautycounter are SOO good! I have a few so I am never far from them. One in my glove box, bathroom counter and in my purse. The sheer conditioning lipstick is more like an adult chapstick with a tint of color. It’s SO nourishing and weightless. I love the way it feels. My fav is Terra, an earthy pink and spice in the lipgloss ?

4) My Young Living Thieves hand sanitizer. Even before Covid I kept this in my car. A lot of the over the counter hand sanitizers are alcohol and packed with chemicals that can break down and irritate your skin over time. Thieves has aloe vera gel and peppermint essential oil which eliminates common, harmful germs and bacteria. Effective AND safe.

5) My new Quay Australia sunglasses are my FAVS! I am so happy I splurged and took advantage of the BOGO sale. I will make sure I let you know about the next sale right when it hits because they go fast. But pretty much super stylish, comfy, top quality from sun protection and durable. Their plastic cases aren’t great but I’ll survive.

I’d love to hear from you…what are 5 things you NEVER leave home without?


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