Backyards are better with Bocce!

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Hi Friends!

So as you may have heard we moved to California! CALYgirl got her wish and is back on the
West Coast!! We are LOVING it! The beautiful sunshine, warm weather into October, all the
outdoor time, playing, running, hiking and relaxing….and our house! We LOVE our new house
and the backyard gets a lot of use. Did you catch the tour of our new digs? We are currently renting (because we don’t want to be tied down) but non the less this
is home and we LOVE it!

We have a great landlord who truly loves this house and is so welcoming of our family…in fact
he was all about us putting a Bocce Court in the backyard. Bocce is a big thing in northern
California! Pre-Covid you could go to a winery or restaurant and play bocce with friends. Now
you can’t because they took the balls away so we built our own. Yep in a rental because if we
are going to spend 350 days a year in the backyard it’s going to be AWESOME and fun for the
kids and adults!

I wasn’t sure how to go about it because we were on a budget. If you are new here I am not
very good at staying on budget. In fact, I’m horrible. I like to go BIG and make it nice and those
dreams don’t usually involve being price conscious. But non the less let’s not break the bank on
a bocce court at a home we don’t own. So I “found a guy” and let me tell you…he did a great

Check out the pics…what do you think? It’s not really a DIY but pretty close and it works so I
give it an A++


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