CALYgirl Heads West

It’s happening…we leave in two days for our long-awaited cross country drive from CT – CA!  Lots of anxiety in the house but also lots of excitement for a new adventure! Friends keep asking if I’m nervous and packed and the answer is NO! I can’t pack in advance, seeing suitcases and stuff everywhere makes my crazy I am a pack the night or morning of kind of girl. I do however have a VERY long list of things I need to pack and get done before we head west.

Maybe I am not so nervous and emotional about it because I know I will come back at some point to pack up the house. That’s when it will hit me! When it really feels like good-bye. For now we’re looking at it like just another family vacation, and when the house sells our stuff will follow. All we need is each other and the open road! Isn’t that what an adventure is all about? Not having a set plan in place, seeing where life leads you, seizing the moment and having fun! This makes Jim a little nervous but he’s doing it for me  What a good man right?
We have our route planned out and avoiding all cities where there are still protest going on (thankfully not going anywhere near Seattle….yikes). We look forward to seeing friends who we’ve wanted to see for some time but haven’t. I’m making the kids journal and learn about each state we travel through. Little geography, history lesson and learning along the way!

Snacks! This is a BIG deal. What to pack, healthy but practical and things that won’t make a mess in my car! I am a BIG fan of Verb energy bars.

They are super yummy, small and as much caffeine as an espresso that’s good for the 8 hour daily drive. I’ll have my Yeti cup to keep my water chilled and avoiding plastic bottles. I got a few jugs of water so we can refill in the car and not stop.

That’s my max…8 hours and then I need to GET OUT! We’ve booked affordable hotels along the route that have pools. This is key so the kids can swim, get their wiggles out, some exercise and have fun!
Okay I’m off to get the house ready for another showing. Wish us luck, we need to sell this beauty!


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