CALYgirl is back on the West Coast!

It’s official….CALYgirl is back on the West Coast!

It’s done! Our house in Connecticut is all packed up and the truck is driving cross-country with all our stuff as I write this. The movers probably aren’t making the same fun stops our family did but no doubt they are on their way!  

This past month I have been juggling A LOT and while I thrive being busy it’s definitely been taking a toll. I am happy to have the move behind us and we close on our new house this Friday! 🤞🏼 Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my 19 years on the east coast for ANYTHING!!! The memories, friendships, relationships, careers, experiences, adventures, travels, and life I lived were AH-MAZING!!! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been there for 19 years.  

But a piece of my heart and who I am will always be in California. My roots, my extended family, my soul (as cheesy as that sounds) all belong at the Pacific Ocean – at the beach, in the mountains, in the wide-open with no big city close by – together as a family with only each other to lean on. My husband and kids see this, respect it, and equally love it. It has made us stronger as a family unit and the kids as siblings. It’s not 100% always but the good outweighs the bad for sure.

If you don’t satisfy your inner soul and do what makes you happy how can you ever make your children and spouse happy?

Don’t settle, don’t sacrifice your dreams and desires to “do what you think is right for the family.” There are a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t do something and even more why you SHOULD do something.

In a weird way, COVID was the best thing that happened to our family. It allowed my husband to “get off the trading floor,” be home with family and be present, then ultimately drive cross country to our new home and enjoy life NOW together!

Are you living or just getting by? Just going through the motions to survive?

I challenge you to get outside your comfort zone and go after your dreams. As scary as they are (and they are scary) but the reward, the ah-ha feeling 🙌🏻  man is it amazing and SOOO worth it. Be alive, be the change and force you want your kids to see and BE!

Home is where your heart and family are. ❤️

Xo – CALYgirl

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