Disney World Never Disappoints

It’s clear why they call it the Most Magical Place on Earth. Disney World even with Covid restrictions and masks was AWESOME! Now that we are back and settled, I’m excited to share all the ins-n-outs you need to know when navigating through Disney World during Covid!

I am still in shock I was able to keep the secret trip to Disney World from the kids until we were literally pulling into the hotel. They had NO CLUE and seeing their surprised faces, loud screams and tears in their eyes when they saw Megan in our hotel room was priceless and a memory I know they will always remember ❤️.

Megan was our sitter (and my right hand) for 5+ years back in Connecticut. She’s been with our family since before Jasper was born and is like a sister and very dear friend to me and the kids. She is a part of our family and her family is our extended family. We miss her dearly and she’s a Disney spaz like me.

OK to answer your burning questions…what’s Disney World like during Covid?

Um…awesome and the main two reasons are….it’s operating at 50% capacity AND you don’t need a guide (that costs a ridiculous amount of money) or a Fast Pass. Now is actually the BEST time to go to Disney World. They don’t want people waiting in lines for hours so they have eliminated the Fast Pass line, opening the park earlier (so you don’t have to wait forever outside) and hosting virtual queues for the really popular rides. You basically sign up for a spot in line and get a text when it’s your turn to “get in line.”

Key things to remember: 

1- You need a park pass AND a reservation!  Book this in advance (before you book hotel and airfare) because if you can’t get a reservation you can’t get into the park.

2- Book your dining ASAP! We were a party of 7 and nearly impossible to book dinner months in advance. Book dining the minute you have confirmed park dates.

3- Do your homework/research on the most popular rides at each park and plan your strategy for going on the ride with the longest line FIRST. Game changer from waiting 15 minutes in line to an 1+ or being blocked out from it.

What Else….

NO they do NOT wipe down the rides after each use BUT do have hand sanitizing stations before and after each ride.

Yes they are strict about mask wearing and 6’ feet of distance from other groups while standing in line. As Jim would say…it is what it is and they need to be careful so they don’t get shut down. 
Hotel pools, dining, bars and all the rides are open and operating! You will still experience the magic of Disney and have a wonderful time with your families. We loved every minute of it and after the year of chaos it’s been it’s just the magic our family needed to believe again! 

Need help planning your trip? 

I HIGHLY recommend Kelly Rink at Kelly.rink@simplyenchanted.info. She booked our hotel, reservations and park passes and it cost us $0!! She gave us the inside scoop on which rides to hit first and mapped out our days at the different parks. She was recommended to me by a friend and she was AMAZING!

More questions….feel free to reach out! Send me an email HERE!

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