House is Packed Up and Headed for CALY!

It’s done, CT house is sold and we are closed! I hope the new buyers are as happy as we were there for 7 years. Memories were made, parties were thrown, holidays very much enjoyed! Cheers! 

I am not sure if it’s the same where you live but the Connecticut house market is on FIRE! People are fleeing NYC and since May homes have been flying off the market. We took advantage of this and my husband being able to “work virtually” and listed our house. We got an offer our second day into our cross-country road trip and contracts were signed within a week. All cash buyer ! 

Jim and I have moved A LOT and have actually gotten it down to a science. It all comes down to hiring the right moving company to do most of it and just getting a little organized before the big moving day. Here are my Do’s and DON’TS to think about if you’re planning an upcoming move. It might save you some sleepless nights and a few stressful days! You can thank me later.



  • Pack your valuables, jewelry, important docs so you know where they are and keep them safe
  • Clean out garage, closets and drawers BEFORE the movers come so you aren’t moving crap you don’t want
  • Sell what you don’t want ahead of time! Use facebook groups, email neighbors and let your friends know 
  • Set up painter and electrician ahead of time for patch work and lighting fixture take down
  • Get extra insurance for art and other valuable pieces
  • Hire movers with good reviews or recommended by a friend


  • Focus on price, rather focus on reputation, referrals and your comfort level. 
  • Do it alone! Leave it all to the movers. Packing and moving doesn’t have to be stressful. I have moved A LOT and until I met my husband was doing it the hard way. It doesn’t have to be that way. Spend the money for piece of mind. Worth it
  • Hire the cheap movers. You get what you pay/don’t pay for
  • Leave your important docs and jewelry behind. Take those yourself
  • Sweat the small stuff, at the end of the day it’s just stuff and can be replaced or fixed. If it’s important grab it yourself.
  • Tip until the job is DONE! 
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