How to Wear the Top 5 Style Trends of the Fall Season

Here we are… another season is approaching! It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end, and Fall is near! Some dread those awkward in between season outfits, but for me? I LOVE it. Each season is a chance for new style – and Fall style never disappoints! 

So what’s IN this Fall 2021?! A lot of it is already in your closet! I’m here to show you how to style what you have, and I can almost guarantee I can fill in anything you are missing from the Curated Closet or Park Lane!

What are we waiting for!? I’ve heard leaves are starting to change up North, so we better get these styles sorted out ASAP. It’s September… Fall is Here.

Here are the top 5 Style Trends for Fall:

Style Trend #1: Accessories – Bigger is Better!

BIG Statement Earrings: If you have no other accessories, at the very least, HAVE THESE! Make a statement with your earrings! They can completely transform any outfit and can brighten up your face.

1. Milan Earrings | 2. Monroe Earrings | 3. Sage Earrings | 4. Juniper Earrings

Arm Stacks: To know me, is to know I LOVE a good arm party. Pretty much anytime you see me, I have all sorts of bracelets. The best part is you can mix and match metals and textures. It’s all in and it looks FANTASTIC. Park Lane has SO many options for your arm party.

1. Wilder Bracelet | 2. Cashmere Bracelet | 3. Aura Bracelet | 4. Marina Bracelet

Natural Stones: Delicate, beautiful and timeless. Natural Stones are back and you’re going to see them alllll over this Fall. What are believed to be the perks of natural stones?

💗 Rose Quartz: best for healing

🤍 Mother of Pearl: the stone that soothes

💙 Turquoise: stabilizes mood swings and helps with depression

💛 Freshwater Pearls: believed to be beneficial for your digestive tract and eases childbirth pain!

Umm, yes please. Give me all of that! Check out some of these pieces from Park Lane. 

1. Tula Necklace | 2. Rosy Bracelet | 3. Stormi Ring | 4. Lennon Earrings

Style Trend #2: Layers – Let’s Layer it on!

Ohhhh, that weird time when it’s Fall in the morning, and full-on summer by noon. Enter, the layering trend to solve all your problems. But HOW?

Step 1: throw on a cute top

Step 2: add a long cardigan

Step 3: (if you’re up north): a cozy wool “shacket” to complete the look

Then as the day goes on and summer reappears, shed those layers and still be on trend for each look!

Style Trend #3: Denim

Ok, who’s keeping up with the debate between Millennials and Gen Z on how your jeans should fit? Millennials are rocking the skinny jeans, and Gen Z says they are out. I say, no matter the style, denim is IN. And believe it or not, overalls are back too!

This cute overall denim dress is THE piece you need for fall. So on trend and so perfect for the change of seasons in weather. It’s just hitting the Curated Closet so grab yours before they are gone!

And be sure to keep a lookout in the upcoming weeks for more on trend denim pieces coming to the Curated Closet.

Style Trend #4: Be Bold – With color!

When I say bold, I mean BOLD with a capital “B”! Yellow, Mykonos Blue, Leprechaun Green… you can’t go wrong with any of them! Grab those fun tops or those wild pants, and own it! Do you dare go bold!? Black is out and color is in. This is your chance to shine! 

Style Trend #5: Shoes – Must have… MULES!

Are they a sandal or a clog? Either way – they are the shoe you need for Fall. Mules are open backed, close-toed shoes and there are options with all heel heights. They look so cute with a pair of jeans and aren’t as warm as a bootie or sneaker. Bonus points if they have a pointy toe!

And that’s it! Those are your must haves for Fall. Totally do-able right? What do you love? What do you have? What do you need? Styling my clients is my favorite. Please reach out with any questions!

Still stuck? Keep your eyes peeled next week for a special announcement about the Fall STYLD Box……. 😉

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