Spring Cleaning Made Simple

Happy Spring Friends!  ?

You know what that means….time for Spring Cleaning!

The good news is we have nothing but time to tackle the closets, kitchen drawers and pantry, kids’ rooms and desks that have been stuffed with papers and junk over the year and dare I say it….the playroom/kid’s toy area! ?  

Have no worries, I am here to help with some great tips and organizational bins and trays that will help de-clutter and hopefully de-stress this process for you!

I’ve broken it down over a 7 day period, tackling one area/room a day. We’ll kick this off together starting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1st. No sorry, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. No worries if you can’t tackle Spring Cleaning this week I will save all this information to the blog for your future reference.

Below are some organizational items that I personally use and love! They help me stay organized, free of clutter, affordable and most you can get by the end of the week. Although some won’t be shipped until the end of the month. ??‍♀️ I hope you find these as helpful as I have. The links to purchase are listed under the image. 

Tomorrow we will tackle the bathroom – vanity, cabinets, drawers, and shelves. See you then!


1. Small Clear Bins | 2. Kid’s Hangers | 3. Storage Bins |
4. Glass Storage Jars | 5. Lazy Susan | 6. Label Maker | 7. 9-Piece Organization Trays | 8. 3-Pack Storage Baskets | 9. 4-Pack Plastic Bins

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