The Power of Pausing is the ONLY Way to Put Yourself FIRST

I’m still taking in and absorbing all that I learned and experienced at the ACORN Retreat I attended last weekend. It’s interesting how you can form relationships over Zoom with other like-minded women you’ve never met in person and connect in a way where you feel like you’ve know them your whole life and then when you meet in person it’s like…

The retreat was an experience I didn’t know I needed REALLY bad. Like DEEP in my soul needed. My heart has been closed for the past few years…..not allowing my soul to feel or lead with my feminine spirit. I know I am going deep but stay with me. I have a feeling we could all use hearing this and can relate. 

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For the past 19+ months I’ve been in go-go-go/survival mode. I mean we’ve moved cross country twice in less than 19 months. I think I underestimated how much that would impact our family as a whole and individually. Setting up new houses, meeting new people, nurturing the kids in a new environment, school and navigating new friendships and un-knowns. It’s been a roller coaster and one I really haven’t allowed myself to PAUSE for and take in. 

We as moms have been in survival mode, working hard to protect our children from the chaos in the world, closed schools, mandates and all the uncertainty. It’s affected how we show up for ourselves, our personal well-being, our happiness and more. Some of us have gained weight, had loss, and or have just shut down….

We have lost our way as strong, thriving, truly happy women… give me a “hell yah” as you are reading this if you can relate.

I’m going to share a story with you…something that took me going REALLY deep to realize and when I did it was life changing….

A little over two years ago I was ready to walk away from it all. I was living in Connecticut and feeling unfulfilled, bored and angry. I was angry that I was constantly doing everything for everyone else but me. I had lost my way.

Every day…felt like ground hogs day with the same routine, same responsibilities, same pick up and drop off, same house. I was just a mom going through the motions of a busy household but not finding any personal joy….

It was March 2020 and I had just returned from a solo trip to California to visit my sister and clear my head. Spend some time at the beach (my happy place) and look for answers. I spent a lot of time staring at the ocean looking for me….

Something had to give… out of desperation…I started a blog and CALYgirl STYLD was created. 
Because of this experience and ability to write my own story and share what started out as my love for California…I was taking back my power to write my story. To PAUSE and think about what I want and change my path to one of happiness and gratitude.

What I know is the POWER OF PAUSING is the only way to put yourself first. 

Take the time to pause for YOU….

to pause and put on lipstick
to pause and put on earrings
to pause and take 5 minutes to put your wants, dreams and desires in
the drivers seat.

How many of us do-do-do for our families because that is what we “think” our purpose is?
How many of us have sacrificed who we are and what we want because we think it’s not about us?
Today it stops- today is the day you PAUSE for YOU and put your needs, dreams and wants first. Even if it’s one little thing like putting on makeup or doing your hair to feel pretty for the day because the power of pausing is what we ALL need to thrive!

Thank you for taking a PAUSE with me here on the blog and following along @calygirlstyld. I will always be here to support, inspire and encourage you to live a life well curated from the inside out!

XX, CALYgirl

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  1. Beth

    This is beautiful. Thanks for reminding me this weekend of the greatness that can come from
    Taking time for ourselves. Not just for us but for our families. Power of Pause is real!

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