Two Months in CALY…Want to Know How it’s Going?!

Hi Friends!

Little late on getting this blog out to you but better late than never right?! 

October 15th marked two months in our new house in Northern California. A lot of you have been asking how it’s going, if we are loving it and what it’s like to be back on the west coast. Well, it’s been awesome!! 

The weather is gorgeous, warm and sunny.  We love our rental house and the outdoor space (a bocce court, vegetable garden, hot tub and trampoline make it a sweet set up) and there are so many amazing places to visit that are a quick drive. BUT it hasn’t been all smooth sailing…

The kids are still remote learning, which has made it hard to make new friends but we have a really nice new neighbor we like a lot and it’s been great to catch up with some college buddies and their families.

Reuniting with college friends after 20+ years has been awesome. It’s like we picked up right where we left off. Nothing has really changed…except we‘re married and have kids. (So we have to be a little more responsible.) Reminiscing about the college years has been hilarious, our poor spouses.

I’ve seen my sisters a bunch and that’s been amazing as well. I haven’t lived this close to them since I was in high school.

I joined a tennis team and I have been playing twice a week so that’s been great to get back on the court. Oh and in case I haven’t said it enough, having Jim home during the day and “working from home” as my office mate is REALLY awesome We’ve re-connected, appreciate each other’s careers so much more, make each other laugh, and both agree on which news channel to watch. The kids tell us it’s cute we work together while they school and are super supportive. We have a nice little “we workspace!”

All in all, we are REALLY enjoying California- exploring, traveling, living and bonding as a family of 6. No matter what the world throws our way we have each other, our health, and our love!

Oh did I mention our new puppy arrives in 2 weeks Oh man….here we go. We’ve been putting it off for too long and it’s time we make good on our promise to get a dog. Another mouth to feed and a little to care for. Bring on the responsibility. I know she will be loved, cherished, and spoiled. Hope you all are well. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

XX – CALYgirl 

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