What Will You Remember Most About 2020?

Hi Friends!

I’m sure we can all say that 2020 has been a year and one we never saw coming. I started out the year living in Connecticut launching CALYgirl STYLD, an online community and blog sharing my love for clean beauty, personal style and my love for the California coast. I had no idea what it would lead to or if anyone would care and here we are almost a year later and it’s turning into a brand and taking on a life of it’s own (So exciting). I love it and it feels really good to do something that I’m passionate about and inspires and supports so many of you, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart!

Looking back on 2020 I’d say my word is PIVOT. I’ve never been afraid of change, in fact I welcome change and new beginnings because they lead to new adventures and when you get out of your comfort zone great things can happen.

Covid forced us all to slow down, reflect and spend more time with our families. I am sure we can all say it was much needed. Maybe a lot of togetherness…but good for the soul.

2020 allowed my husband to step away from the trading floor he had been killing himself at for over two decades. His long hours and stressful job was putting a lot of pressure on our family, all the ups and downs of the market and time away from us was taking it’s toll. We noticed it and knew we needed to change things if we were going to make it. So we did just that. Sold the house in CT, put money in the bank and after begging to move back to my home state of CA, he threw caution to the wind and said yes! We packed up, left our dear friends and way of life for the past 15+ years and moved someplace new – where we had no friends, family, personal connection or even school to help build a new community of friends and socialize. 

Covid was our silver lining to living our life for US, taking risks, embracing change, throwing caution to the wind and “rolling with it.” We still don’t have all the answers in fact given the current state of California we aren’t 100% sure we will stay here once our lease is up. Sure it’s scary not knowing but that’s life. Not knowing what’s around the corner or what the future holds and I honestly feel as long as we have our family and our health we will be just fine. No one knows what 2021 holds, there are still a lot of unknowns with the vaccine, new President, schools being open or not, can Jim continue to work from home….

BUT we can’t control that and we can’t stress about it. All you can control is you, what you do and don’t do – your own path. Don’t you want it to be a good one, and look back and say I lived a good life and did everything I wanted to with no regrets. I know I do. What’s important is our family, our future, being together and living life and I plan on doing just that right into the new year.

Oh and my word for 2021 is IMPACT! What’s yours? Click HERE to email me! I love hearing from you.

Xx CALYgirl

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