What’s our New Normal?

Relaxing scene of woman sitting on a rocky ledge looking at the ocean

No doubt this past month has been an emotional rollercoaster! The ups and downs, good days and bad days, adjusting schedules and priorities….what a crazy time we live in. I have to admit when I returned from sunny, relaxing California in early March I was on a high. Relaxed, focused and energized. I took the time I needed and came back ready to go! Then all this happened, school was cancelled, shops and restaurants closed, lockdown began. I was in denial….probably still am a little. How can this be happening? People are wearing masks and gloves out and about, throwing looks of disgust if you get within 6’ of them at the grocery store? It shouldn’t be called Social Distancing, rather physical distancing. Social distancing makes people reclusive, scared, frightened and unfriendly. But it is VERY real and very serious. In all honesty I’m not scared of the virus, I’m scared not knowing when this will end and what life will be like after….the unknown….the “new normal”

I have four children to guide, teach, and reassure everything will go back to “normal.” That one day there will be school, play dates, sporting activities and sleep overs. It’s our responsibility to stay up-beat, energetic and patient. They look up to us and I can’t bare letting them down. But how do we do it, day in and day out when we just don’t know what lies ahead?

My motto I have been telling myself is, “take it one day at a time.” Breathe, meditate, exercise, focus on overall health, wellness and self-care for me and my family. When I need a break, I take it- guilt free. Make sure you are doing what you need to navigate through this. If we are stressed, anxious and not in our right mind, they pick up on it, get fearful and will act out to seek comfort and reassurance.

What’s getting me through each day is focusing on what I can control and scheduling my time to be 100% present in all that I am doing. Cooking healthy meals, homeschooling, playing with them, meditating, exercising, self-care and of course just cuddling on the couch. That’s all they really want anyway.

I encourage you to check out my blog CALYgirl STYLD. I have uploaded a lot of great activities to keep you busy this month! Spring Cleaning Tips, Self-care packages for nurses and doctors you can sponsor and feel good about giving back. 30 Days of Mindful Acts, affordable loungewear and great clean beauty options. I hope you’re loving all that I am sharing with you, I am working on gathering some gluten and dairy free recipes and hope to have those ready to share with you soon!

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