Who is CALYgirl STYLD?

For those of you just getting to know me I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Southern California. Orange County to be exact. I attended college at the University of Arizona and upon graduating followed my dream to live in the Big Apple. No job, no friends, no family and one suitcase I found myself sub-leasing an apartment from a crazy lady in the East Village. That only lasted a few short months and then I was couch surfing for a few months. It didn’t matter, I LOVED everything about NYC -the energy, the night life, the people I met and the friends I made. Still some of my nearest and dearest! With no experience I found myself bartending at some of the hottest night clubs in Manhattan. Not bad for a 22 year old CALYgirl. I was livin’ it up but knew I didn’t want to be a bartender for the rest of my life so got serious and got a “day job” ugh….

I fell into Publishing and worked at several big time magazines, Us Weekly, Maxim (yes it was as crazy and fun as you can imagine) Glamour and then ELLE. Yes it was just like the movie Devil Wears Prada and realized not my scene. I got pregnant with Miles and realized my life dream was to be a stay at home mom with my kids. ❤️ Lots of kids! 

While at Glamour I met my soon to be husband Jim via a blind date that a mutual friend set up. Few years later we were married and with his job being on Wall Street realized my dream of moving back to CALY anytime soon was seeming less and less likely. Two kids in the city and like so many others, we found ourselves moving to the suburbs so the hubs could be close enough to commute. Four kids later and here we are going on year 7 in Greenwich, CT. 

We have four amazing but rowdy children. Miles is 10 this month, January 7th and LOVES hockey! Go Bruins! Skylar is 8 and an AMAZING artist! She is one of the most talented and creative people I have ever met. Vivienne is 6 and keeps us busy. She loves hard and is very passionate. We call her starfish because you can often times find her laying on the floor face down crying (middle child syndrome) ? Jasper is 4 and adores his brother Miles, hockey and much to my dismay the iPad ??‍♀️ It drives us crazy but he’s the fourth so most of the time we end up caving. Especially if I am trying to get some work done. He’s SOOO cute and really hard to say no to! You would understand if you met him. 

My parents met and fell in love on Oahu. My mom was raised on Oahu in Lanikai so since we were little Hawaii has held a special place in our hearts. My side of the family and our children are all blessed with Hawaiian middle names each with their own spiritual meaning. Jim and I were married on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Four Seasons Hualulai in April of 2008 in a smallish wedding (75 people is small right). We took the kids when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Jasper and it was A LOT to travel 14+hours west. It’s always harder when you fly west….needless to say we won’t do that trip again until they are older and can nap on plans and rally better from jet lag. You will often see me sharing special memories of the islands with you all. ❤️?

Each week I will share my favorite things, cool finds, chic styles, clean beauty tips & tricks and more. I hope CALYgirl Styld makes you smile, is an outlet for you to relate to and provides you with insider deals and styles, safer skincare options and more. I will always include a little west coast ❤️? and share all the beauty, serenity and endless love it has to offer. Me Ke Aloha (all my love in Hawaiian) xx Jennie

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