Young Living Essential Oils ❤️

Here it is! Friends have been asking me for over a year to share more with them about my love for essential oils and how I incorporate them into my daily life and keep my family healthy. The wait is over…..

Young Living Essential Oils are a safe and effective way to clean your home, maintain wellness for you and your family and remove harmful toxins from your home surfaces. YL oils are a guaranteed Seed to Seal- sourcing, science and standards are of the most importance. Promising the highest quality and purest form. 

Essential oils can be used for a variety of uses:

  1. Diffused for aromatic scent and benefit
  2. Applied topically by rolling and massaging onto your skin for a variety of benefits
  3. Mixed with other safe ingredients to use for effective cleaning in your homes    

I started using YL oils about 2 years ago when a dear friend from childhood came to visit and got me hooked! They have kept our family healthy, provided balance, a calm environment, assisted the children with sound sleep and now a safe alternative from hazardous cleaning products.  I can honestly say I have noticed a difference and better well-being among our whole family since we started incorporating oils in our daily lives. 

I diffuse various oil blends in the morning during the school rush (now homeschooling) and during the dinner/“witching” hour. I diffuse lavender and peace and calming in the girl’s room for a sound sleep and I apply the same blend topically on the bottom of the boy’s feet every night for sleep. I apply a blend of 3 oils on all of our wrists everyday for health and wellness. I apply Endoflex on the bottoms of my feet for my Endocrine system (hormones) and a few more blends I will share with you. 

I promise you will notice a huge change in your overall health and mood when you decide to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into your daily routine. They take a few weeks to get into your system but when they do you’ll notice a great difference! 

Getting Started! 

Become a member and purchase a starter kit – it’s the best bang for your buck and gets you all the essential oils and materials you will need to get started, including a diffuser. There is no membership fee to join and you will unlock a 24% discount when you buy a starter kit. If you do not become a member you will pay retail price which is significantly higher. 

What’s included in the Starter Kit?

  • The Thieves Starter Kit for your household needs- toss out all the chemically packed over- the counter toxins that will harm you and your family
  • The Essential Oil Kit (includes 12 oils)
  • The Ningxia Kit (good source of energy and super yummy)
  • A diffuser of your choice

Here is the link to sign up

Oils can be VERY pricey so purchasing the starter kit is the way to go. Here are all the oils you receive and benefits:

  • Stress Away – speaks for itself- promotes relaxation, restful sleep
  • Panaway- use on soar muscles after workouts, great for joint pain
  • Frankincense- grounding, overall wellness
  • DiGize Vitality – digestive support, antioxidant properties, cleanses digestive system
  • Peppermint- digestive support, great for focus and performance
  • Citrus Fresh-cleaning and overall wellness
  • Thieves- immune system support, respiratory system support
  • Lemon Vitality-use with thieves for cleaning, antioxidant support
  • Lavender – calming, restful sleep, relaxation
  • Raven-creates a cooling sensation when applied to chest and throat
  • Valor- inspires confidence and courage, great to use for massage- I diffuse this a lot for overall happiness
  • Peace & Calming-speaks for itself- great to diffuse for sleep. I mix with Lavender and roll on bottom of kid’s feet before bed

Additional Items with Links to Shop

I make my own blends based on our family’s needs so I would suggest purchasing roller bottles via Amazon.

You will also need to have a Coconut oil on hand. When you make blends for more specific benefits/needs some oils are “hot oils” and when applied alone can burn the skin, so you need to mix with a “carrier oil.” Coconut oil is good for this.  Example of hot oils are Oregano and Peppermint

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