Oh the Joys of Packing….

Tickets are booked, hotel is confirmed, car to the airport is set, leaving town in two days and now it’s time to pack! Oh how I HATE to pack. I’m a pretty organized person, but my memory is shot! If I don’t write it down I’ll forget it. I always start a list of everything I need to do before we leave and what not to forget to pack. This helps me and I love to cross things off a list when completed ??

But….as for the process of packing and pre-planning outfits,accessories,shoes, purses, make-up, toiletries, etc for days in advance….this overwhelms me. I like to dress for the day based on how I am feeling and my mood. What if I don’t want to wear the outfit I packed for that specific day? This throws me in a tailspin and I end up over-packing. ??

So I started to do some research on how to stay organized while packing. I found packing cubes for clothes and shoes as well as cosmetic cases with dividers! This helps but I still get stressed over everything I want (and need) to bring fitting in one suitcase. So let’s be honest…I brought two ??

For this trip I am traveling alone (woo hoo….mommy break) so I splurged and totally overpacked! Not having to stress about getting it all in one carry on or checked bag made it way less stressful.

I was pleasantly surprised how great the packing cubes were. I should have ordered 2 sets and love how they fit a decent amount of clothing per pack. ???? I also liked that I could organize by day/city.

I also LOVE my Away Luggage! Jim got me a 3-piece set last Christmas and it’s the best luggage. I have the small carry -on that’s approved and actually fits a lot, the medium and the large. It’s light weight, comes in various colors, durable, and holds SO much! BIG fan of this brand. It’s also on sale for $100 off for the 3 piece set. I linked my luggage here.

Having an essential carry on bag that can hold a lot, won’t break, looks chic, is durable AND fits over the handle of your roller bag is KEY! I am OBSESSED with the Stella & Dot Crush It Carry On Quilted Bag. It holds everything you would need to bring aboard a flight for work, your kids, or just yourself. It’s wipeable, chic and timeless! You’ll have this bag for years to come.

I recently shared my new Marble Cosmetics case I found on Amazon and after packing my make-up in it, realize I love it even more. It has Velcro dividers you can move around to fit your various product shapes and sizes. It holds everything and has a little handle. I also purchased the Kusshi Make-up Brush organizer and love that it keeps my brushes clean, organized and I can located which one I need when it’s time to put my make up on. It folds right in half and takes up no space.

Also don’t forget your healthy snacks for the plane. I ?? The Verb energy bars, they have as much caffeine as an espresso but is sourced from green tea. I really like the salted peanut butter and find the snack size portion is all I need. Here is a link to share with you all on your first purchase. Jim and I love these. https://www.verbenergy.co Enter code: JENNIESTEHLI1

Purchase ahead of time so you can get the healthy options you want and don’t pay extra at the airport.

I hope you find these packing tips helpful for your next getaway whether it be when you’re traveling by yourself, with girlfriends, for work or with the family!

❌⭕️ CALYgirl STYLD

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