It’s all in the Accessories

If you know me then you know I love to accessorize! Why wear one necklace or bracelet when you can wear a few! It’s all about personal style and presenting your best self! You can change an entire look and feel of an outfit just by switching out your accessories and you don’t have to break the bank to look chic and fabulous!

Let’s work our way from the top down!

RULE #1: If you’re going to wear a bold statement earring then you want to go with a delicate necklace or two. Layering delicate necklaces with a bold statement earring is ok as long as you don’t overdue it. You don’t want to look like Mr. T. Keep it delicate, classy and clean. This is also your opportunity to mix and match. It’s ok to mix metals! Silver, gold, diamonds, mixed metals can all be worn together at once.

I LOVE a good statement earring with a few delicate layered necklaces and a good arm party!

RULE #2: If you’re going to wear a bold statement necklace, make sure it works with the neckline of your top/dress and do not wear a matching bold statement earring. This is TOO much! It’s too matchy matchy and overkill. With the causal look below I wore a classic diamond stud and received a TON of comments on much people liked that I used my personal style to dress up a t-shirt in the summer at the beach. Accessories make any outfit GREAT and are a great way to show your personal style.

Now my favorite type of accessorizing…bracelets! I LOVE me a good arm party! The more bling the better (at least in my opinion).

This is where Stella & Dot excels! They have an amazing assortment of bracelets, bangles, beads, mixed metals, wraps, cuffs and more at every price point. $19 to $59. ???? Lately I am really LOVING stacking the new KEEP charm bracelets with my Stella pieces. Here are a few favorites I have on repeat and get loads of compliments on.

RULE #3: Promise to mix and match your high and low pieces, show off your personal style and have fun accessorizing! If it feels like it’s too much take a layer off and see how it looks and feels. The more color, texture, and fun you have with it the better you’ll feel on the inside and the more beautiful you will look on the outside. Beauty comes from the inside out, when we look and feel our best it shows through our style! ????

Oh and just because it‘s winter and you are covered under a scarf, hat and gloves doesn’t mean you don’t accessorize! When you go inside and remove the heavy coat and layers you want to make sure you are still looking your best and that means accessorizing even the most casual look!


To help inspire you to accessorize more and help give you a jumpstart, I am giving away a $75 gift certificate to be used for Stella & Dot and/or KEEP Collective. All you have to do to enter to win is register to receive my weekly blog and like my last five posts on Instagram (@calygirlstyld) and in my VIP Facebook Group. BONUS points for comments

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