CALYgirl STYLD with Jennie Stehli


  1. Activ Flyer

  2. Fairy Garden

  3. Stepping Stone

  4. Sidewalk Chalk

  5. Bunny Book

  1. Gizmo Smart Watch

  2. No Slip Socks

  3. Spring Bag

  4. Curling Iron

  1. Dream Girl Earrings

  2. Spice Earrings

  1. Carrington Necklace

  2. Facial Razors

  3. Fabric De-Fuzzer

  1. Thieves Hand Sanitizer

  2. Halloween Masks

  3. Pixie Goes Pink

  4. Party in a Box

  1. Bandana

  2. Chair

  3. Planner

  4. Cleanser

  1. Face Steamer


  3. Washcloths

  4. Vitamin C Serum

  1. Mat

  2. Hat

  3. Glasses

  4. Cleansing bar

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2. 'Ohana Flip Flops
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3. Chatbooks
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4. Clarifying Charcoal Mask for Men Click HERE to shop.

Spring cleaning makes me realize my kid's out-grew their shoes from last summer! thankfully DSW is having a HUGE sale April 19-22. You can shop my favorite styles perfect for east coast - west coast fashion.



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