CALYgirl STYLD with Jennie Stehli


  1. Dream Girl Earrings

  2. Spice Earrings

  1. Carrington Necklace

  2. Facial Razors

  3. Fabric De-Fuzzer

  1. Thieves Hand Sanitizer

  2. Halloween Masks

  3. Pixie Goes Pink

  4. Party in a Box

  1. Bandana

  2. Chair

  3. Planner

  4. Cleanser

  1. Face Steamer


  3. Washcloths

  4. Vitamin C Serum

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2. 'Ohana Flip Flops
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3. Chatbooks
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4. Clarifying Charcoal Mask for Men Click HERE to shop.

Spring cleaning makes me realize my kid's out-grew their shoes from last summer! thankfully DSW is having a HUGE sale April 19-22. You can shop my favorite styles perfect for east coast - west coast fashion.



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