Body Lotion Beware

Before you reach for that pretty bottle of lotion on your bathroom shelf, know that what’s inside may not be as innocent as it looks. There are dozens of ingredients currently being used in top-brand (and over the counter) body lotions that range from questionable to potentially hazardous. 

What we put ON our body matters just as much as what we put IN our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and since we only get one body in this life, let’s take care of it! Watch out for these toxic ingredients when scanning body lotion labels.

1. Fragrance + Perfume (aka Synthetic Fragrance)

You may think it’s nice that your lotion smells like strawberries and cream, but there’s no way that scent is natural. When you see “fragrance” or “parfum” on a label, read “a toxic mix of chemicals the manufacturer doesn’t want to tell you about.” Most notably, this includes diethyl phthalate, according to the 

Environmental Working Group ( My go-to website for checking all products to see how safe they really are.  You may have already heard of phthalates since they’re used in just about everything from cosmetics to insecticides to wood finishes—and they’re known to be endocrine disruptors and toxic to organ systems. 

2. Parabens

You’ll find parabens in practically all popular commercial body lotions (just look for butylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, or ethylparaben on the label). Pretty much if you can’t pronounce it, look it up on to check it out. 

Parabens prevent bacteria and fungus from growing in your favorite bottle of moisturizer, which would be great if they weren’t linked to hormone disruption and breast cancer. Luckily, manufacturers of organic lotions have found safer ways to keep their products fungus-free, like using vitamin E and citric acid, though these products tend to have a shorter shelf life than those that contain parabens. So keep an eye on your expiration dates.

3. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

BHA is a food preservative and stabilizer that routinely shows up in body lotions, as well as everything from lipstick to yeast infection treatments. ick right?

But beware—it’s an endocrine disruptor and “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen,” according to the National Toxicology Program.

All of these harmful toxins can be avoided by choosing Beautycounter and other clean brands. Our body lotions, body butters, balms and more will soothe your dry skin and moisturize from the inside out without leaving a stickiness behind. 

Beautycounter has a lot of options, my personal fav are the Melting Body Balm for hands and extra dry spots and the Countermatch Adaptive Body Moisturizer. It truly keeps you hydrated for 24 hours no matter how dry or cold the temperatures are.

Not sure where to start…take a look at the chart I attached. 

I encourage you to make the switch to SAFE and CLEAN beauty today. Even if it’s just with one product at a time. Start with the one that gets applied to your entire body multiple times a week.

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XX, CALYgirl

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