My Secret to Radiant Looking Skin in Just 10 Minutes

It’s FINALLY here! The NEW Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Facial Mask from Beautycounter. Good-bye dull, tired, dry, flaky winter skin. Hello fresh, exfoliated, new, smooth skin! 

Get radiant looking skin in just ten minutes. The bouncy, gel mask is formulated with a supercharged blend of exfoliants to transform your skin into a softer, smoother-looking skin. It’s Ah-ha good. Check out the video of me applying the mask and my before and after pics. 

This mask is supercharged with a unique blend of chemical and physical exfoliants, like AHA glycolic acid and bamboo particles. Plus, hydration-boosting saccharide isomerate soothes skin for an ultra-soft complexion. Use it on a weekly basis for effective results.


  • High-performing formula works in just 10 minutes to deliver brighter skin that’s soft and smooth
  • A multi-acid blend of 10% AHA and 10% phytic acid plus bamboo particles provide effective chemical and physical exfoliation
  • Resurfaces dull, tired skin for improved tone and texture

Featured Ingredients:

Glycolic Acid: The smallest AHA molecule, it absorbs easily into skin, effectively removing dead skin, leaving a brighter complexion.

Phytic Acid: Helps exfoliate buildup on skin to reduce dry, flaky skin leaving a more even complexion.

Bamboo Particles: A gentle physical exfoliator derived from the stems of bamboo.

Saccharide Isomerate: An ultra-hydrating sugar-based moisturizer that combats dryness while soothing skin.

While we are spending all this time restoring and repairing our skin from years of sun damage let’s no forget that if we don’t use a GOOD, chemical free, ZINC sunscreen – it’s all for nothing…..checkout my blog all about sunscreen HERE.

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