Safer Skincare Sunday – Facial Oils

Get Your Glow On with Facial Oils

This week we are talking all about face oils and YES the benefits to your complexion! I know you’re probably thinking face oils?! Not for me… I don’t put oil on my face and it will clog my pores and leave me sticky. But oh no… totally opposite! Beautycounter Facial Oils are made WITHOUT synthetic or mineral oils that only sit on top of your skin and clog pores. Our oils are botanically-derived oils and will not do this because of smaller sized molecules. 

Our oils are SUPER hydrating for your skin (and fun to apply)! They penetrate the skin to awaken and replenish! Lightweight and silky smooth help hydrate and improve the appearance of skin’s radiance! 

  • No. 1 BRIGHTENING Facial Oil- your daily radiant boost! Packed with Vitamin C and omega-rich marula oil. I use two drops of this every morning as part of my skincare routine. 
  • No. 2 PLUMPING Facial Oil – your daily skin smoother! Jasmine and Argan oils help diminish fine lines and deliver essential omega acids to the skin to plump and radiate
  • No. 3 BALANCING Facial Oil- your daily balance (and my FAVORITE) This hydrates from within and has Ylang Ylang oil which soothes and nourishes. Softening meadowfoam seed oil helps restore balance and calms. It also helps even skin tone. I highly recommend 2 drops of this after every #3 charcoal mask

Oils come in 20ml glass bottles and retail for $69 and let me tell you they will last you forever and you will benefit and LOVE each one for a different reason.

How to apply:

2-3 drops on the ends of your fingertips and massage into your face and neck AFTER serum and BEFORE your moisturizer. Some people even add a few drops to their moisturizers and blend onto the face together. 

Whatever works for you but I promise you will notice a radiant difference in your skin once you start incorporating Beautycounter facial oils into your daily skincare routine.

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