Safer Skincare Sunday – Let’s Give ‘em Lip!

Let’s Give ‘em Lip!

Are you more a lip gloss or lipstick gal? Or are you like me and use a little bit of both?! I like to use a lipstick as my base and then add a shiny gloss finish. Plus, I think it stays on longer that way. 

This week on the Safer Skincare Series, we’re talking all about lip gloss and lipstick. Pucker up! ??

FACT: Did you know on average you eat ONE POUND of lipstick a year! Gross right. 

Think about how many times you lick your lips and refresh your lipstick/gloss in a day and after a meal. If you’re like me, I am always re-applying my gloss or lipstick and if I don’t have that handy, I’m grabbing for my Beautycounter chapstick. I am obsessed with having moisturized lips. It’s a thing. The added jojoba seed oil in our lip products makes the product stay put without being sticky or heavy. Love this! 

Our products provide weightless color and have a conditioning balm which is a blend of emollients and plant-based waxes that help condition and lock in moisture. Unlike other lip products on the market, ours are safe, moisturizing, and taste like vanilla. So, every time you lick it off or it gets kissed off ? you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects on you or your loved ones. 

At Beautycounter we always take it one step further with clean – we don’t use PEGs, BHT or plasticizers which are linked to harmful effects on our health as well as environmental impact concerns. Our lip products are also vegan and Leaping Bunny certified. 

This is definitely one beauty product you want to make sure is free of harmful toxins. Beautycounter takes it to the next level of shine and is responsibly sourced with organic vanilla.

Check out my video over on my Instagram stories where I show you more color options and shades.


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