Safer Skincare Sunday – Skincare Regimen

Hello Friends,

I’m back with week two of my Safer Skincare Series. I hope you liked last week’s post all about sunscreen. This week we are talking all about regimens. Growing up my mom always said “You only have one face, so take care of it. Wash your face daily, use sunscreen, and brush your teeth.” She was a good mom always looking out for us.

Pretty sound advice, right?!

Whether you are a pre-teen just starting to see your skin change or in your mid 60’s, using a skincare regimen that’s right for your skin type is very important. It’s never too late to make the switch to clean beauty, trust me your skin will thank you.


Take the time to educate yourself
We all have different genetics, environmental factors, hormones and other health conditions that affect our skin. Diet, sleep and hydration are key to overall health and wellness!

– Make sure you eat balanced meals, get 7+ hours of sleep a night and drink 8+ glasses of water a day. I know easier said than done but I promise your skin (and body) will thank you! Your skin will have less breakouts, less oil production and you will see a reduction in fine lines. 

-Take the time to learn what kind of skin you have and take notice when it changes due to pregnancy, age or other health factors and adjust accordingly. 

  • Oily/acne prone
  • Combination skin
  • Dry 
  • Mature/Advanced Aging

Know what you’re using
Is it the RIGHT product for YOUR skin? Or did you buy it because your friend said she likes it? 

Read the ingredients
Check the ingredients listed on your products. You can enter them on the website and see where they are rated. What you may be putting on your skin might be MORE harmful than you realize. Just because it’s sold over the counter or your Dermatologist recommends it doesn’t mean it’s “good/healthy” for your skin. It might eliminate the skin condition you’re experiencing but it could also be causing other health concerns. Skin irritation, overly dry patches, tumors or hormonal disruption, and more. Please do your homework. Educate yourself, knowledge is power.

Trial and error
It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for your skin to respond to a product and really see if it’s working. Sometimes longer. Obviously if you have an allergic reaction stop using it immediately and re-read the ingredients so you know what you reacted to.  If you’re making the switch to a cleaner product you may experience a “detox” phase. Your skin might break out at first, cleansing your skin of the toxins from the previous products. This is normal, as long as it’s not a rash or severe irritation, allow the process to happen.

Make the Switch to Clean and Safe Skincare
Now is the time. It’s never too late to get started and find a skincare regimen right for you! Your skin will thank you and take years off signs of aging. Beautycounter’s products have shown proven results to hydrate, plump, diminish and lessen signs of aging, fine lines, dark spots, and more.


Our products are designed to work together and perform at an optimum level when used together in a morning and evening routine. You will also receive a much higher discount when you purchase a regimen or collection than if you purchased individually.

A regimen includes 4-5 products and in a slightly smaller packaging size. A collection includes 5-6 products (an eye cream) and comes in a full-size package and usually lasts up to 18 weeks.

Products are designed to:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Prep
  3. Treat
  4. Protect & Hydrate

Why is it Safer?
Our skincare products are formulated without the use of formaldehyde releasors, synthetic polymers, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, or added fragrance. 

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q) I like the toner and moisturizer I am currently using so can I just get a cleanser for now? 
A) While we can find a cleanser with a consistency you like and is complimentary for your skin type, we suggest choosing a regimen/collection that works together and compliments one another providing you with the best results. Sometimes when you use a clean product and other products that have toxins in them you can have a reaction and irritate the skin. 

Q) I don’t have a lot of money to spend right now? 
A) Invest in your skin, your future, your face and YOU. Start with a regimen, smaller size to see how you like it. You will also receive a discount as opposed to buying products individually.

Beautycounter believes everyone deserves to know what they are putting on their skin and bodies. Education, transparency and trust are part of our philosophy, especially when it comes to harmful chemicals hidden within ingredient labels. 

I hope this week’s Safer Skincare Sunday helped answer any questions you may have about why choosing a skincare regimen right for you is SO important!

As also please reach out with any questions. As a Beautycounter Consultant I have gone through training and am here to assist with any skincare or beauty questions you may have. 


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