Tackling Cracked, Dry Winter Lips

Let’s face it…winter skin is no one’s favorite. Especially if you live in cold temperatures and have to deal with dry, chapped, cracking lips.

Let me tell you, I’ve been in Utah for almost two weeks and oh boy my lips are feeling it. If you suffer from extremely dry and chapped lips you’ll want to check out my top THREE tips on how you can chase those winter blues away. Make sure to read to the bottom, I’m offering a little giveaway….

1. HYDRATE – drinking plenty of water is KEY! Especially when in higher altitudes where the air is thinner. You dehydrate quicker and you will feel it in your lips. 

2. LIP BALM – make sure you are using a lip balm that is FREE of petroleum and mineral oil. These contain known carcinogens and cause harmful health side affects. Think about how many times you lick your lips a day! You want to make sure you are ingesting something free of TOXINS. These ingredients are found in most over the counter chapsticks, so before you grab that chapstick at check out, do a quick read on the ingredients. Also Aquaphor and Vaseline – no bueno- they will actually dry you out faster and make your lips even MORE chapped!

I LOVE the Lip Conditioning set from Beautycounter. It includes calendula balm and peppermint balm that soothes, refreshes and protects. 

3. EXFOLIATE – yep you read that right…exfoliate your lips. Beautycounter has a great sugar scrub for exfoliating dry, chapped lips. It might be sold out but I have stock so just let me know if I can send you one!

Take these three steps with the right products and you can say goodbye to dry chapped lips and hello beautiful, moisturized soft lips. 💋

Oh and here’s a little something extra from me…..

When you make a purchase at Beautycounter over $100 I will throw in a Melting Body Balm. My ALL-TIME favorite hydrating lotion-turn-balm that I use on my hands every night before bed to help dry hands and cuticles. 

Xx CALYgirl

Interested in trying out these or other Beautycounter products? You can shop with me online by clicking HERE of feel free to reach out anytime!

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